Bentley to be EV by 2030

Le Mans winning blowers, W12 and V8 Gran Tourers and Limousines, acres of leather and luxurious materials have long since been the Hallmark of Bentley. 

Who would have thought that amongst this end of the automotive spectrum that Bentley would be one of the first to go fully electric? Well that seems to be on the cards.

Bentley’s “Beyond100” strategy is to commit to becoming an “end to end carbon neutral car brand”.

Bentley has confirmed that the iconic W12 will be first to be phased out and that by 2023, the whole range will be at least a Plug in Hybrid.

 2021 will see the first of 2 PHEV’s – the first being the new Bentayga and the second looks like its going to be a PHEV Flying Spur.

Is this a risk for markets that are less worried about Carbon Emissions and as a result still want petrol powerplants?  Only time will tell.