Looks like Polestar 2 might be a winner

Not only is the Polestar 2 looking like a winner in the new electric car stakes, but it is also about the introduction of a new type of retailing.

Polestar have set themselves out as a purely digital only brand and will not have any dealerships or showrooms. You will only be able to purchase the car on line and servicing is done via online booking form with delivery and collection at home.

With 408 PS, 4WD and a 0-62 time of 4.7 seconds this Volvo concept car has been made into a reality.  With a claimed range of 292 miles, it is widely believed that a range of 250 miles is more realistic (especially in Autumn and Winter with aircon and poor weather to create drag.

Some super interiors and upgrade packages make this Polestar a really viable alternative to the popular Tesla Model 3.

Chris McDonald, CEO of Reep Automotive saw the car in the flesh at Salon Prive recently at Blenheim Palace and was really impressed.  “the build quality of the Tesla still has some work to do to achieve the quality of its European Counterparts.  This Polestar was oozing quality and I think is great value – if it drives as well as it looks then it is a real car to consider gong forward.”

Polestar 2 01
Polestar 2 01